I bought another Class D amp and didn't get what I paid for!

A little while back I went on a pleasant drive to purchase a Wyred 4 Sound Class D (ST500) amp rated at 250 watts per channel. When I arrived, I immediately noticed he lived in a small but very nice home on a lake. Anyway he demonstrated that the amp worked fine and I then decided to purchase.
He pulled the amp out and we tried to fit it in its original carton but strangely it wouldn't fit properly. Got it home, plugged it in my second room, sounded pretty good but very powerful. Anyway I decided to try a different set of interconnects on it and that's when I noticed it was the more expensive ST 1000 ( 500 watts per channel), both amps looked identical from the front. But being honest, I call him back and told him you gave me the more expensive ST 1000. This is what he said, Paul I wouldn't of noticed for three months that this occurred and you could of easily kept it with no problems. But since you called me back the same day, we can now make arrangements to exchange it and we did. For a brief moment I thought I could of kept the more expensive amp if I kept my mouth shut but then I quickly realized I did the right thing.

Anyone else have any interesting stories to tell in regards to purchases?
Not audio related but a "What would you do" story. About 15 years ago I was pulling into a tight parking spot with a friends pick up. I usually drive a minivan and the truck handles differently. I bumped a Toyota Corolla in the process a small but very noticeable dent on the left rear corner panel. Waited around a bit and wrote my name, phone number and what happened on some paper and put it in the wiper.  The owner calls later that day. Turns out she had just lost her husband, was very gracious, and pleased that I left the note. She got and estimate I sent her a check and that was that. About 2 months later a card shows up with a check in it and a note from her. "The repair was less money than the original quote so here is the difference returned to you" I wasn't much something like $50 or so, but I thought "Wow so sweet of her!"  The best part is I shared the whole experience from the start with my then teenage step-daughter. She got a kick out of it especially since I screwed up driving. Kids love it when adults screw up. But a valuable lesson was learned...no matter the cost always do the right thing! I hear her say that to her kids now,,,warms my heart!
We reap what we sow...
I ordered a set of Tekton Moabs and when they finally arrived via freight there were 2 sets instead of the one. I called up Tekton and let them know what color/make the second set were and they figured out where they were supposed to go. I refused delivery from the freight company so they could go back and be sent to the right customer. Maybe if I hadn’t had said anything I’d have 2 beautiful sets but I just thought about how long I had to wait for mine. Not only would someone else be missing out and waiting but Tekton who really tries to bring super high end audio to us at a stellar price would have been getting screwed by my selfishness. 
I got the urge to try an old pro amp so bought an Altec-Lansing amp from a guy on CL.  It was a 100 wpc model for 80 bucks.  But when I got it home I realized it was the 200 wpc model.  I thought I didn't want it because it has a fan.  The 100 wpc channel model did not have a fan.  So I called the guy and told him what happened and he was not interested at all in having me come back so I just kept the 200 wpc amp. 

I replaced all the electrolytic caps, slowed down the fan with a resistor and replaced the opamp in the input with a recent design and the thing sounds perfect to me.  And now that I've tried high power for the first time I could never go back, even though I have Klipsch Forte speakers.

Strangely it started blowing fuses one day.  I opened it up and could see nothing obvious.  I unplugged the low voltage power supply from the power transformer and it stopped blowing fuses.  Plugged it back in, and worked fine from then on.  Weird.  
ya ,  you never do Big Stick spend over 15 k  then you might see some  magic