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Tube Preamp: How many tubes does it take to .................
Maybe some engineers get paid by the part.  
Power cable from wall socket to power strip
"The founder of Shunyata has an article or video somewhere on his site that explains how looking at power like plumbing is wrong and explains how to look at it and why it works." 
SET Lovers, what's the one solid state amp you love(d)?
@atmasphere.  Are there any class D boards you could recommend for DIY builders?  I don't expect it to be as good as yours.    
Why is solid state more popular when tubes are better?
I built a Pass First Watt F5 and thought it sounded great. Then I built a 6V6 SE amp. Each cost me about $400 to build. The F5 now sits on a shelf disconnected from everything. Solid state sounds like a wet blanket in comparison. I am also a lifel... 
I'm thinking about a low watt tube amplifier?
I have a First Watt F5 and an SE 6V6 tube amp.  I built both.  The tube amp sounds considerably better into my Klipsch Forte 1's which are 98db.  OP's 87 db speakers will need more power than a 2 or 3 watt tube amp in my experience.  They will sou... 
I found audio nirvana....
The speakers in the big Apple monitor on my desk are surprisingly good.  I use them for listening to Youtube videos on things that interest me and even the occasional movie.  But on the other side of the room are a pair of Klipsch Forte's fed by a... 
Considering A 20-40 Watt Stereo SET Amp
Consider a Firstwatt amp by Nelson Pass. The mosfet's he uses are kinda like little solid tubes. I built his F5 design and find it very tubey sounding.  
What is your experience with amp power?
I figured out a long time ago that less is better - amplifiers and other components with fewer parts sound better to me - better imaging, transparency and so on.  The less stuff a signal has to travel through the better.  High power means more par... 
"Audiophile" Power Cables: The Greatest Audio Conspiracy Theory of All Time?  
Powered speakers show audiophiles are confused
Can't quite imagine a Nelson Pass class A amplifier in a speaker cabinet.  So you have a few feet of speaker cable for an outboard amp.  I don't see it as much of a problem.    
Klipsch Speakers
Just looked at the crossovers in my original Forte's and the components are wired directly to the terminals.  There are no metal strips.  I seemed to remember that from when I installed new caps several years ago but had to look again.   Nothing ... 
Digital is far better than vinyl
The OP is saying you buy a bunch of cheap, old vinyl playback stuff and then conclude its not as good as digital.  You missed the joke.    
Class D Amplification Announcement
Tried a cheap Chinese class D amp once just to see what all the fuss is about.  It sounded good but created RF noise that was picked up by my ham radio transceiver so I tossed it in the can.    
B&W 802 D2 Capacitors Worth Upgrading?
 I have a pair of 30 year old Klipsch Forte speakers.  I put all new caps in the crossovers and it woke them up.  Nothing fancy just new manufacture name brand caps.  So I think there is benefit in replacing caps that old but to the OP I don't thi... 
Are Tube Buffers for real or even worth it ?
I tried a couple of those cheap Chinese tube buffers you find on eBay and they were no good.  They were starved plate designs - only about 12 volts or so on the plates and op-amps in the circuit doing the work.  Then I tried a Bellari PA555 tube p...