I could not agree more ..

Do better measurements mean better sound? Of course not; pretty interesting discussion here is ..

Good measurements equate to good sound? Strong bass with a small driver? A discussion with Harley.


No surprises/revelations here...

I use gear/speakers that are ho-hum on white paper, and get bashed on audio forums, but to my ears (which also have heard "near perfect") they do the same thing-entertain the senses.

The secret is playing music thru them that makes you forget the technical side of this often-weird hobby.

Indeed, I have class-A, AB amplifiers at home, and the first responses I got when I mentioned those on the AudioScienceReview (pseudo-science review, rather) forum was how noisy those are. According to the specs, of course. Yet the posters there are vigorously promoting class-D amplifiers wherever one is mentioned. Fine in their own class, but just not the kind of the presentation/sound I find to be the most enjoyable. They have good specs, but I’d have none of it in my listening room.

Somewhere between hard data, tweaky audiophoolery nonsense and one's own hearing, lies audio nirvana.

The goal is to find it before you run out of time-both physically and mentally.