I Find Primalunas Ugly. How about You? Is there an alternative?

The curved cage on Primaluna amplifiers is extremely ugly. Their shiny cases do not help. Visually, they are worse than forgettable. I like the look of Line Magnetic amps, but they sound terrible. Is there a decent alternative?
Check out the tasteful and understated looks (like a Scandinavian home!) of the Music Reference RM-200 amplifier. It also sounds real good, Michael Fremer putting it in Class A in Stereophile’s Recommended Components list.
Best tube amp aesthetics: SHINDO!!! Love that cool green finish! And impeccable internal build!
The PL tube cages turned me off for years until I saw one real . I bought a demo Prologue Premium integrated then upgraded to Prologue Premium pre-amp and Prologue Premium mono-amps. Very happy 

It would be helpful to indicate your price range, new or used amp. 

Check out Audio Research VT-80.