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Subwoofer recommendation for Dynaudio Confidence C4
JL Audio makes outstanding subs. Are you going to use the high pass filter option ? If not the Dominion model will work just fine with those speakers! 
Best used speakers under $10000
You should add Spendor to your list. The D7 is within your budget and the D9 is a little more, but these speakers are new! 
Reasonably Priced 6CA7 NOS (or even good used old stock) Tubes Available Anywhere?
Here ya go! 
Just curious if anyone knows..
Shoot VPI an Email and ask them. I’m sure they will give you the answer! 
Hard to sell my Klipsch Heritage Speakers for a possible Harbeth upgrade.
If you like those speakers so much why would you change them? What model Harbeth are you looking to get? Harbeth and Klipsch are apples and oranges! 
Suggest some integrateds for my Monitor Audio Silver 2
Grab this Rogue!! 
Suggest some integrateds for my Monitor Audio Silver 2
A Manley Stingray for under a grand? Read! 
Suggest some integrateds for my Monitor Audio Silver 2
There is a Sphinx listed here for $750. 
Amp upgrades under $3K for bookshelf system
This Parasound should fit the bill. It includes a phono preamp!  BTW,are you sure about the 1000 SQ feet? 
Sound from my turntable is veiled (like behind a curtain)
Here ya go! 
Class D Audio
You should tell Tom to hang in there. With the correct therapy and medications all that stuff will be just fine! 
Harbeth 30.1 ? The Ultimate Speaker under $5K ?
You might want to check out the Vandersteen 3A. It will fit nice in a large room! 
Speaker spike feet?
You can use bolts instead of spikes. I’ve used bolts and they work just fine! 
Upgrade from ADS L1230
You should check out a used pair of Vandersteen 2s. There is a nice pair of 2ce signatures listed here for $1100.00. I think they would be better than those 40 year old speakers that you are using now! Another plus is Vandersteen is still in busin... 
Monitor Audio PL200II
Check out Spendor. Gene Rubin Audio in Ventura sells Spendor!