I Need 90 degree PowerCord for ML 380S ?

I seem to have a problem finding a good quality powercord for a Mark Levinson 380S Pre-AMP. This powercord sits under the unit.

Can anyone recommend some ?

thanks !

I'd suggest you get in touch with Synergistic Research, I'm pretty sure they make 90-degree AC Reference power cords. Best, Jeff
Essential Sound Products (ESP) also will put a 90 degree plug on their Essence power cords.
Hi Mzn50; Jeff is correct, Synergistic Research will make you a power cord with a right angle on the IEC end for about $25. more than a standard cord. I had one made for my ML 360S DAC.

However, be advised that the Syn. Res. cord projected downward further that the stock cord. I raised my DAC up by putting 1/2" thick sandstone coasters (with cork on the undersides) under the feet-- this worked well and does not seem to have affected music quality. I ordered the cord through The Sanctuary of Sound in Seattle, and Stewart gave me a decent price break-- He's a Syn. Res. dealer, an Audiogon dealer, and a good guy.

I would also add that I like the Syn. Res. Master Couplers so much that I have them on all my equipment. Good Luck. Craig.
Useful engineering there I'll tell ya! Most any of the aftermarket folks know the problem and can make a cord with the right angle connector that will work on the Levinson products. I have a Levinson dealer that sells various aftermarket cords and he had me make up a 1' cord with a right angle female IEC at one end and a male IEC at the other so various cords could be tried and I have made up a bunch of these down through the years.....This allows you some flexibility......

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders/DDR Mfg