I need a new remote for a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated amp.

The title says it all. Anyone have any ideas? I tried the one that came with an MF 5.5 integrated and it didn't work. Are there universal remotes for amps? Someplace to buy an old one? Maybe another MF remote would work?



logitech harmony remotes should be able to run the remote codes for the m-f a308 - go to their site see software for their remotes, in it you can search the brand/model of gear and it will confirm if it can be loaded into the remote via usb

or else there is aftermarket replacements these guys will sell you... https://www.replacement-remote.com/products/musical-fidelity-a308-replacement-remote-control-4108?gclid=Cj0KCQjwgYSTBhDKARIsAB8Kuku6h-8SnrhneHvAF3PqLhtMaplJghreoDsbZoDQqY89nwRybDMjgBQaAjH_EALw_wcB

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Thank you!  At this price I want one for my A308cr preamp.  The Logitech works fine though.