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Am I wasting money on the theory of Bi-amping?
I'm in the camp of using an active x-over and horizontal bi-amping w/different amps, using tubes to power the top and SS on the bottom.  The woofers have been removed from the x-over and wired directly to the binding posts.  (Speakers were built b... 
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
Edcyn, skchun, Good to see other cyclists here. I ride an `06 Roubaix Expert with the `17 CG-R seatpost/Selle Anatomica X saddle, 28mm Con't. 5000's and a Shockstop stem.  Might be my forever comfort road bike.  Last week a local Craigslist selle... 
Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
I too think the Legacy Focus may be mine forever.  Using a Wavelet's active crossover and by-passing the crossover to direct connect the woofers, driving them with a PowerBloc2 and a KT88 push-pull for the upper's, sounds great! Maybe I'd switch ... 
Buying Used Equipment on the Internet
As my system is mostly 2nd hand the topic caught me. I'm happy to see that the thread is nearly 100% positive/encouraging. I can't really add anything not already stated but I feel with proper precautions, buying used, which is a journey in itself... 
Weak Link in Vinyl Playback
Someone posted your table's arm is w/o height adjustment. I found this at Vinyl Engine trying to understand what TT you have:  The tonearm definately IS adjustable in height. (RTFM) Their is a screw on the right side in the lift assy. Push down t... 
Classe SSP 800 Touchscreen failing
Not responding to touch.  Having to use the remote.  Under my ownership I've mostly used a computer touchscreen stylus as I have too fat of fingertips to repeatedly touch accurately.   
Musical Fidelity
I have the A308cr preamp and wish I had the matching power amp.  
I need a new remote for a Musical Fidelity A308 integrated amp.
Wow,  Thank you!  At this price I want one for my A308cr preamp.  The Logitech works fine though.  
How good does my system have to be to realize an improvement with cables?
A number of folks have commented on Blue Jeans.  I've got some and like them as well.  Now they have the Iconoclast line if you're not aware.  Intended to compete with the high-end audio cable brands but with more down to earth pricing and designe... 
Subwoofer with Floorstanding Speakers?
illaheman, I'm using 3 F12's and love them.  Mixed with Legacy Audio Signature III's, 2 channel system in a 16' x 28' x 8' room. Wish I had 14' ceilings though.  
Subwoofer with Floorstanding Speakers?
I think mofojo said it.  YES. But integration/location is critical and multiple sealed subs generally get things really right. You'll never know they're there but you'll know when they aren't.  Plenty written on the subject.  
What cable companies make the best cables and sell them directly?
"Best"?  There is no answer to this question.  Your equipment & room combination is unique as are your tastes so the answer is rather personal. Your question implies you don't want to go on a long hunt though.  But it's personal so you have to... 
Hot Rats
I can't imagine my collection not having at least a fair sampling of his music.  I'd be ashamed!   
Is There A Device For Home Use That Can Measure How Low The Bass In My Speakers Is?
Download REW to a computer, it has a tone generator and so much more. Buy a UMIK1 or Dayton mic. You'll learn a lot more than just answering your posted question.  
Classe SSP
@firedrums  I agree with you, it's a great opportunity to acquire SSP at a bargain basement price if you don't care for 3D, Atmos and DTS:X features.    I agree and just did so with a CT SSP 800 but I see I'm in over my head to create filters the...