I need a source for threaded spikes

I need to tap and spike an amp stand and a TT stand, but I really do not want to spend as much as Starsound charges. So I was wondering if any of you nice people know of another, cheaper, source.
Easy Brian, make them yourself. Buy some bolts that have the same thread as the female hole on the amp stand, make sure you get them a little longer than needed and they have a smooth (non threaded area) between the bolt head and the thread. Next, cut the bolt head off with a hack saw, insert the threaded end in to the chuck of an electric drill (don't damage the threads), fire up your bench grinder and drill, grind the headless bolt end to a point. Make sure the drill is going in the reverse direction of the grinding wheel. You can make any angle or sharpness of point you need. If you want to pierce carpet, I suggest a steep angle and a sharp point.... buy a few extra ... you will want to practice... you might also want to buy the matching bolt to use as a lock once you have them installed ... they really work well ... I used stainless steel .... good luck ....
This is the exact reason I love this web-site. Good going Dill! That is a great way to save money.