I've said this before so why can't your open your ears and except the truth?

Sam here and once again flac with compression level 4 is superior to all other flac levels!!! Why do you think they never use flac with compression level 4 for commercial audio or streaming? l’ll tell you why it makes digital audio sound more analog and vinyl like.l rediscovered this fact again today and MY MIND IS BLOWN that nobody can hear this fact.Audio is made up of frequencies and the frequencies are different in flac compression level 4 resulting in a different sound signature. After listening to these 2 samples and you still think they sound the same then i’m crazy and i’ve lost my mind!

source:digital download flac 16/44 fleetwood mac - say you love me lead solo 1975 solo 1 original compression level 0 followed by same solo compression level 4 encoded to wave to preserve the compression levels.