I won the stressless lottery

My mom had gotten a settlement that allows her to spend her final days in a nice retirement community. I had gone up to go see her and do some chores for her as I was helping her in her car so that she could go do some labs at the doctors office An elderly lady pointed out to some workers that were emptying an apartment why was she getting rid of such a nice coffee table. It was then when I looked up into the truck, that I noticed what I assumed was a knock off. It looked in really good condition, jammed up against some other stuff. I asked the young gentleman if he wouldn’t mind if he would let me have it and he said sure why not. As he’s handing it to me, he asked, do you want the ottoman that apparently comes with it? I said sure why not try not to let people know my excitement of what I may have possibly had found. Still not sure as all the tags had been cut off someone was gonna go to jail over this lol. I finally get it loaded into the Ford and finally see the stressless mark on the tightn knob. Getting it home and setting it up I don’t believe it was used 10 times and getting a stressless was going to be an end game down the road acquisition. To this day, it completely blows me away at what I have been able to build and have this come my way. It’s just some serious nice icing on top of that beautiful cake. What blessings are out there. Thank you so much for listening to me brag. And yes, I’m here to tell you that leather sounds so much better and I’ll argue with all the deniers out there have a wonderful listening day everyone!