I2S, PLL and USB

Hey guys,

Just getting good enough gear now to wonder about this stuff. My streamer can output I2S to my DAC. But I have to turn off PLL or the DAC tries to lock and ends up missing the first 1-2 seconds of the music. Turning PLL off and it plays fine. Is I2S worth it or should I use USB? The streamer is quiet on USB as well



I'm a big fan of USB, but your ears and convenience should tell you what to do.

What's most convenient, and what is good sounding to you?

It's not like your choice of USB vs. I2S is going to alter your eletric bill. :)

I just got the components to try it. Was just looking for insight or obvious gotchas between the 2

I2S is concetually good and many swear by it but implementation is sketchy and your example is just one of many.  

I'm with Erik on USB.  Try both and if you can, and see if you can tell the difference?  Unless I2S sounds better then USB should be your go to.  Lots more cables availabe.

For digital signals I always like silver plated (or solid silver) cables and Audioquest offers lots of them in any price range.