Ideas on speaker like Magnepan but with high WAF

I'm looking for speakers that throw a big sound stage, great imaging and do all the things Maggies do but aren't the size of a door (actually two).

A speaker set up that would provide the 3d sound I'm after for around $2k without visually dominating the room. Floorstander or stand mounted.

Suggestions on non-planar speakers that come close in sound or better?
First, I would like to thank Quadophile for his kind remarks of the Eminent Technology LFT8bs. IMO, These speakers are Everything, lifelike and seductive if you follow my directions. I am the friend he was talking about when he was describing theses speakers. I would like to further expound by saying when I first purchased the LFT8bs I had no idea my wife would like their appearance compared to conventional box speakers. When I showed her the pictures she loved them. The Pros of these speakers are that they have a frequency range of 25hz to 50Khz and does not require a Sub or two. The Con is they are not that efficient at 83db. If you do not have good components especially a good 200watts/channel amp you will not reach the full potential of these speakers that they truly posess. I first had to purchase a 525 watts/ch. Class D amp to drive them and the finally purchasing the Oddysey Stratus Extreme Se which is 200watts/channel. However, I then decided their were something still missing. How can I make these speakers more effiencent. First, let me say I am a firm believer of tweaking. Its like have sport car and having to fine tune it to reach its top performance. Your Music system is very much the same. Your system is only as good as your weakeast link in the chain. The tweaks are the fine tunning element.
Now, back to the tweak I would like to share with you if your speakers are efficient or inefficient. The weak is of two fold. They are call binding post washers. One is to direct couple the signal to the post alone if you are using spades as conectors. This eliminates the loss of the signal to the screw knob of the posts. If you are using Bananas you are already direct coupled. The second advantage of the these washers is that they will eliminate most of the vibration caused by piston motion in conventional drivers which helps to eliminate vibration to the voice coils of the drivers. Just makes sense. Better signal and and less vibration results in clearer sound. In the case of the LFT8bs you need to use some washers on the secondary posts also which are the posts closes to the planar ribbon panels in which I think are the most critical because the panels are harder to drive than the low Q Sub integrated to the panels. If you would like to discover this tweak it is found at Herbies Audio Lab on line, one of my favorite tweak sites where I have experimented passionately. The main post washers cost about $10.00 for 4 washers. A $10.00 tweak for a $10000.00 of Performance. They are made like a horse shoe and you just slide them over the spades between the tighten knob and the post. The O-rings washes are used for the panel posts where their are spade connectors leading from the panels to the posts. They are metal screws that tighten the spade leads to the post. Place the washers on to the screw and then tighten the spades to the post. If you have four posts make sure you use them on all posts even if you are biwiring or just using jumpers. Remember, your system is only as good as its last tweak. "It pays to discover".
If you use this 2-fold tweak on your speakers. After about a track into one of your favorite CDs get up a go to the nearest mirror and see that Huge Grin on your face. Thanks for your time and Happy Listening.
I am using Analysis Audio, and they really sounds great. Smaller and more stylish that the 20.7, but as good as them!

That was great post explaining the micro detail of how you achieve from good to great sound quality. I have no hesitation in fully endorsing your tweak as I have had the pleasure of listening from my own ears.
I moved from Magnepan to OHM Walsh and sound improved in every way in addition to WAF. Maggies sound best well out into a room away from rear wall usually. OHMs are designed to go much closer.
Planars tend to sound like planars (and non-planars IME do not) so the EmTechs, Logans and and Apogees already recommended probably hit the "sound like Maggie" part of your request best, but also might miss on the WAF. However, if small planars appeal, you might try the small Maggie MMG and hide a sub (or two) behind the sofa/tv/etc and see if you can sneak that past the boss.

I'd also agree that omnis might appeal on the sonics to a planar lover (I own - and like - both MMGs and Ohm 100s), but I'm not sure that Ohm is winning too many WAF contests these days. I've never heard 'em, but the Dec ERR omni is a design that barks up the Ohm tree, but in a slicker looking cabinet.

Good Luck