Identify Klipsch speakers and price

I'd like to identify a pair of early to mid 80's Klipsch floor speakers and get a value. The information on them is The information on the back is:
P/N 09000431111, S/N 79740, W/O 15608

They are in great shape and play well.
Can you download a pic? Try going to klipsch website for pics to help you id them. If they were built in the 80's they are called the clasic series. They include Heresy, KG4, Cornwall, and a few others.
Hi Kathy - the older Klipsch speakers are actually called the Heritage series, including the Heresy, Forte, Chorus, Cornwall, La Scala, Belle, and the biggest, the Klipschorn. I agree that you should check the Klipsch Forums for more info, if you can't post some pics here.