IEC Connector Suggestions

Hello Everyone,
I want to reterminate some power cables with new 15 amp IEC connectors. I am looking for suggestions for high quality brands and sources for these connectors. I did this same thing a number of years ago, and as I recall some connectors were easier to work with than others. The cables to be terminated are 12 and 14 gauge, so I would appreciate learning about connectors that can easily accomodate these wire gauges, as well as making a solid tight connection with my power amps. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
All the best,
For ultimate quality it's tough to beat Oyaide and Furutech. Watch out for counterfeit Oyaide's though as I've been hearing about them popping up. I can't really comment on ease of use since i'm not a DIY guy, but they both sure sound good.
Just a thought, if you've decided on the cables being used, why not just hard solder them?