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Thoughts on the First Watt SIT Amps
I am currently using a sit 2 from Nelson. It's very quiet and very dynamic. I use a tvr for pre amplification. The First few days have been very impressive. It will drive even my 89db bright stars, but shines with the triangles. For jazz I use ome... 
Musical Fidelity Buffer
One of the tubes is probably going. I have matched replacements at 50.00 for a pair. I have been using one for years that runs at least 15 hours a day without issues. I choose to perform cap upgrades and matched tubes, which was a big difference w... 
Help Please recommend a 5ch amp around $2000
Try a Butler hybrid amp, 5 channels of tube sound with bass of a Solid State. Excellent product. 3295.00 retail. 
Wife/girlfriend or audio: if you had to chose?
Sounds like she does not understand how audio evokes a passion in you. It will only get worse. Dump her and find someone that can understand your passions. - Unless shes a supermodel and supporting you that is. 
Is USB overrated as decent digital source?
I see alot of comments about the speed of USB but not enough about all of the pieces. You can certainly choke a PC or MAC with streaming music, as the Hard drive speed, Processor speed, amount of memory, and the USB version all combine. You must c... 
Any opinions on retubeing W/winged c or mullard re
I have now had 2 sets of the Mullards go bad. I find the Winged are much better sounding and last. 
Interfacing Computer Music to D/A Converter ?
USB DACS can be purchased for less than 30.00 Alot Depends on what happens next, or what you really want to do. I sell the Dared MP-5 Tube Dac Amp. Its a all in one piece using the burr brown 2702 DAC. The total system is around 370.00 Actually US... 
Low watt tube amps/pros/cons
I just purchased a Cary Rocket 88 and enjoy it tremendously. I use it almost exclusively in Triode, I find the Ultralinear a little dry for my taste. This system has a very black background with very good bass, and a very low noise floor, for a tu... 
Anyone else evolve beyond tubes?
Umm but it doesn’t get rid of the tubes. So you still need them even though you’re using a SS amp. I have a T-amp and really like it for lower listening levels (bedroom system). But my main 2 channel system is all tubes. I really like it better th... 
Power Supply Whine, Need Audiophile Help
Actually you could have DC current from a outside line transformer that creates the whine. Some sort of average voltmeter will alow you to detect this. If not, call your local power provider and have them check for DC current in your house. This i... 
IEC Connector Suggestions
Parts Connexion in Canada is a excellent source for diy power cables. 
Best 1-2K class D or class T amp?
41hz website offers a DIY T amp that sounds excellent, although I have not heard a SS amp that I prefer to Tubes. 100w a channel for around 100.00 
Entry level tube integrated to replace T-Amp?
I would suggest looking at KT88,EL34,6551 tubed units. These seem to have more punch than the 300b, 2a3, 6l6, and 5881, Units.I have not had a chance to listen to a good set of 845s but I have heard that they also give a more dynamic sound, howeve... 
great hdmi cable....archives
I have been selling a Philips HDMI cable for 3 years now with great response. Remember the HDMI is digital so error correction takes out the problems associated with most typical cable problems. My 6 foot cables sell for 42.95 + 4.95 shipping. 
LCD Screen Size
As a owner of a rear projection LCD at 60 inches I will say that it really depends on the Viewer. I cant imagine less than HUGE, but my next door neighbor uses a 24 inch LCD and just loves it, however I easily prefer mine. Remember that WIDE SCREE...