if i were a carpenter...

anybody know what johnny cash album this song is on? i heard it on his recently released essential johnny cash album and found it very moving. i'd love to add it to my collection, but am partial to the original albums over greatest hits anthologies (also, i already have most of the songs on the "essential" cd in one form or another)

thanks in advance for your help
That specific song can be found on the 1969 "Hello, I'm Jonny Cash" album (CBS) which is excellent (not to be confused with the 1995 Sony release of the same name). The Lp have been out of print for a very long time. I really don't know if it is available on CD.
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Here is the link to the hit at AMG. Johnny Cash did that song on so many albums I don’t think you want me to list them all.


If the link is damaged or is ineffective after a few days, the search site I used is All Music Guide. Google and other search engines will get you there.