iFi SPDIF iPurifier2 Review

This device goes between your DAC/digital preamp and your digital source. iFi claims it reduces jitter and noise. I placed it between the coax input of my Marantz 7702 processor and my Sony UHPH1 Universal player. I am using a Virtual Dynamics Reference coax digital cable. My system sounded fine before but adding the iPurifier allowed me not just to hear the notes better but the spaces between the notes. The attack of a brush on a cymbal seemed to resonate with the individual bristles instead of just the shimmer, the tone of a vibraphone sounded much more like a live instrument in the room. I went back and forth between the HDMI input and the input with the iPurifier playing the DTS track in the movie Jumanji. Much more nuanced and articulate with the iPurifer. I think at a $200 price point it is well worth it and would recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their digital front end. I would try this device before spending more money on a new digital cable or a new DAC.


I experienced good results as well. The iPurifier2 reduces jitter and a noticeable decrease in noise, especially with streaming.

Using a LPS instead of the AC wall-wart will provide a noticeable improvement. With a better power source, soundstage is wider and deeper, there’s more detail, and deeper bass.

I use a Swagman Labs 5V, 2A linear power supply.

@lowrider57 , thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out. I think about $140. iFi sells an upgrade with their iPowerX about the same price.




Check out linear power supplies on Google and Ebay. The units that have toroidal or R-core transformers are what I'm referring to. Not a SMPS (Switch mode power supply) which is a chip.



The Amazon PS doesn't use a toroidal or R-core transformer which will keep noise levels down.

Can you link to the other PS? 

Check user reviews on how low the noise-floor is. I was not impressed with the previous generation. 

I like iFi products. I'm using an AC purifier in a power strip and it really removes noise on the mains.


This was my first try and I like it. I'm going to try the ipowerx and will post impressions. I am using the dac inside my processor for many reasons and I like that this device passes both two channel and DTS/Dolby signals. 

In my experience I could A-B Toslink and Coax connections between a player and a DAC. They had been roughly equivalent in SQ.

When I inserted an ipurifier2 before the DAC, the Coax hookup sounded far superior. I noticed that  the iFi had a Toslink jumper on the side which I connected in parallel.

Now both inputs are superior.

At the price I think it’s probably worth trying to improve ANY priced unbalanced cable. It definitely improves on pure glass.

Thanks for info.


I forgot about the jumper on the side, I will see if I can use it too, thanks