IFi Zen Stream with Qobuz

What is the best way to setup the ifi Zen Stream to work Qobuz? I would like to get 24/196 when available and also trying to find out if that’s possible with this setup. Most likely going to use a Denefrips Ares II in conjunction with the Zen Stream. 


You are probably correct on them being industry standard size and polarity though.

The barrel is 5.6 -2.1 and the pin polarity on the GX12-2 plug is pin 1 positive.  That is pretty much industry standard on the polarity.  The choice comes down to 2.5 or 2.1 on the barrel.  Both will actually work though the 2.1 is a snugger fit.  The 2.5 barrel that worked for the Aries Mini played fine but you just had to be careful not to bump it.  If the LHY comes with a 2.1 then their supplied cable will be fine. Whether or not you want to upgrade the DC cable is up to you.  

Glad I stumbled upon this thread.  I'm having the same issues - trying to stream Qobuz via the Zen Stream.  I tried Roon, and it worked but only via the spdif output of the Zen, which in my system doesn't sound nearly as good as the USB, so Roon was out.  I have mConnect HD now, and I can get it to access my Qobuz account, I can't get it to connect to the Zen Stream.  I'm using a MacBook Air as my front end.  Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.  I'm new to streaming and to digital audio in general.  Been an analog guy for quite a while.   



In the setup of mConnect (top left corner)  you have to tell it to play to the Zen Stream otherwise it will just play to the control point.  If you have to turn them both off and then back on Zen Stream first and after it is booted up completely then the Apple device.  

@smrex13 I’d suggest getting a Wi-Fi extender from TP- Link, etc. and going hard wired with a good Ethernet cable from that to the Zen Stream.  Not only does that apparently solve the connection issue, it’ll likely sound better as well.