IFi Zen Stream with Qobuz

What is the best way to setup the ifi Zen Stream to work Qobuz? I would like to get 24/196 when available and also trying to find out if that’s possible with this setup. Most likely going to use a Denefrips Ares II in conjunction with the Zen Stream. 


I have the iFi Zen Stream and Denafrips Aries II. I am using Tidal because of the ‘connect’ feature, but would love to try Qobuz if they ever get their ‘connect’ feature released for the iFi Zen Stream, and others. Now, it will run directly to the Zen Stream if you use Roon, which I do not.

Thus, the best was to get a direct connect to the iFi (without Roon) is to use the MConnect app, but you have to run Quobuz through it and it’s interface. I believe there is a similar app that will do the same, but the name escapes me right now.

I spent the $6 on mconnect HD and it was great until the app stopped recognizing the Zen Stream over Wi-Fi.  I’m switching to a wired connection through a TP-Link extender that will likely avoid the issue (and probably sound better), and until the Wi-Fi problem the app worked well and all my playlists, favorites, etc. were there.  I was surprised that streaming sounded better than spinning CDs, which was a nice bonus. 

@soix  I also run my iFi Zen Stream via an extender. Works well. I only had a couple ‘hick-up’ with the Zen Stream and Wi-Fi connection, but when they occurred, they were frustrating. With the extender, no more issues, ever. 


Don’t bother with mConnect, at least for Android. I have not touched it after using BubbleUPnP (free) that works with Tidal and Qobuz. For me the increased sound quality trump’s the convenience of a Connect system. Kind of like Spotify and Tidal before it went Connect. Qobuz really dropped the noise floor in the past year.

Forget to mention controlling via iPhone or iPad.
I hope I can find a way to use Qobuz with the Ifi Zen that’s not complicated but might have to switch to Tidal,

Just download the $6 mConnect HD app from the Apple store and you’re good to go. No need to switch to Tidal. I've never had a problem with mConnect and the Zen Stream with either WiFi or Ethernet connection.  Pick the Zen Stream as your source and then sign into Qobuz from inside the mConnect app.


mconnect is available for iOS devices. I’m an all Apple/Mac guy, but do not use my computers to stream, only my iPhone and iPad. But they act as simply ‘remotes’ in function, as I will not use AirPlay, as it is limiting and not as good sound quality as Tidal Connect, as example.

@soix No problem, I think you will be pleased. If the extender fails me (which is rare) a reboot solves the problem, but that has nothing to do with the Zen. Oh, and within set-up, remember to disable Wi-Fi in the Zen Stream after getting it hooked-up.



Will play whatever Qobuz is providing including all the Hi Res versions.  One omission on that version of mConnect is the lack on an Internet function but that is in fact one useful feature in the iFi Stream app.  It has a good internet radio function including about a dozen FLAC stations.  I use mConnect for Tidal/Qobuz and the iFi app for radio. 

The ifi really seams to be the best bang for the buck streamer only option. People keep telling me to look into the Innuos ZenMini MK2 but that’s a fair amount more. 



It is the best bang for the buck streamer only option unless you want to deal with one of the Rasberry options.  The Zen Mini is a lot more expensive and includes a DAC module.  

The Zen Mini may also not sound all that much better than the Zen Stream unless you also spring for the linear power supply that according to reviews (Darko, etc.) significantly improves performance and adds to the cost.  Of course it’s also a server, so there’s that.  Best of luck. 

Now it’s time to pick a DAC to go with the Zen Stream. I have it narrowed down to these three. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Soncos SGD1

Aune X8

Denefrips Ares II

What sound characteristics are important to you and what’s your budget?

I like a more relaxed sound but with tight LF. I have owned a R2R DAC and really enjoyed the sound but that unit has started to fail so looking into other options. Budget is maxed at 1K. 

@soix Do you use a upgraded power supply with your Zen Stream?

Been trying to find one other than the ifi ones. 

I would seriously consider the Musician Pegasus DAC as well. I have one, and it sounds awesome. Also look at the SMSL SD-9 music streamer, which I’m also using. The sound quality is excellent as well.

@temmple I use an iFi iPowerX — never used the stock PS so can’t tell you how much it improved the sound, but I’m very impressed with what I’m hearing FWIW.  I didn’t want to spend as much on a PS as I did for the ZS so the iPowerX was a logical/easy choice at least for me.  

I am looking at the Aune XP2 power supply and think it might work with the ifi and then I could use the second DC port for the X8 DAC as long as the connectors are the same on ifi and Aune. 

I just double checked and the ifi needs 1.8 amps and the XP2 only outputs 1 amp so might not be a go. Wishing I could find a decent linear power supply for the Zen Stream that is not $280. Anyone know of a good linear that would work with the ifi that’s around $100-$150?


This should work just fine.  LHY is the power supply division of Jays Audio.  Reach out to Todd at TEK Audio Specialties in Texas.  

If your looking to spend less the the TeraDak R-Core LPS from Ali Express works just fine.  I've been using one with the Zen Stream for several months. I used another TeraDak LPS with and Aires Mini for almost six years.  


Thanks for the links! Found this one as well.

What voltage did you go with? I was thinking if I get a dual ported PS I could plug my DAC and Streamer into it and only need one power supply. Read somewhere that the Zen Stream sounds better at the higher voltage but not sure on that one.

Do you know the polarity and barrel connector size for the Zen Stream?




12 volt is the sweet spot for the power supplies.  The barrel is 2.1 and pin one is positive.  Don't know anything about the brand with the link you supplied and I just stuck with a brand I had experience with.  Most of the ones you buy on Ebay you can just buy from Ali Express for less with quicker shipping.  Don't try to get to cheap.  Don't have to spend $299 but there is a lower limit too.

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Agree with @jackd to spend a few more dollars on a reputable brand to minimize the risk of potentially damaging your equipment. 

I am using a 12v SBooster with my ZS. I know, it does not make sense because the SBooster costs almost as much as the ZS, I told my dealer it does not make sense when he suggested it, then he connects the SBooster to the ZS…. and after 30s, I bought it. I do not know if a lower cost power supply can have the same effect but I can confirm that the ZS responds very well to a better PS.




That looks good the best I can tell from the ad.  Whether or not it is actually the one made and sold by Jays Audio only they could tell you.  I actually intended to buy the LHY from Todd at Tek Audio but just out of curiosity as I had used one for years I bought the TeraDak just to give it a try.  So far it has worked out fine.  The Zen Stream is in a secondary system and most of the time is just used for internet radio but the combo of it the Teradak LPS and an upgraded cable from Ghent Audio are a definite upgrade from the Aries Mini.  

No idea.  All four of the cables I have used have just worked including the ones included with the power supplies.  It is just industry standard I would guess.  Why all the concern about the barrel connector?

Just want to make sure the power supply I order has the correct size and polarity. Both are very important and the manufacturers have still not gotten back to me with this info so just trying to see if anyone might know.

You are probably correct on them being industry standard size and polarity though.

The barrel is 5.6 -2.1 and the pin polarity on the GX12-2 plug is pin 1 positive.  That is pretty much industry standard on the polarity.  The choice comes down to 2.5 or 2.1 on the barrel.  Both will actually work though the 2.1 is a snugger fit.  The 2.5 barrel that worked for the Aries Mini played fine but you just had to be careful not to bump it.  If the LHY comes with a 2.1 then their supplied cable will be fine. Whether or not you want to upgrade the DC cable is up to you.  

Glad I stumbled upon this thread.  I'm having the same issues - trying to stream Qobuz via the Zen Stream.  I tried Roon, and it worked but only via the spdif output of the Zen, which in my system doesn't sound nearly as good as the USB, so Roon was out.  I have mConnect HD now, and I can get it to access my Qobuz account, I can't get it to connect to the Zen Stream.  I'm using a MacBook Air as my front end.  Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.  I'm new to streaming and to digital audio in general.  Been an analog guy for quite a while.   



In the setup of mConnect (top left corner)  you have to tell it to play to the Zen Stream otherwise it will just play to the control point.  If you have to turn them both off and then back on Zen Stream first and after it is booted up completely then the Apple device.  

@smrex13 I’d suggest getting a Wi-Fi extender from TP- Link, etc. and going hard wired with a good Ethernet cable from that to the Zen Stream.  Not only does that apparently solve the connection issue, it’ll likely sound better as well. 

@jackd Thanks for the info.  I have restarted them a couple of times, but the Zen Stream doesn't show up as an option to choose.  I have the ZS set on the DNLA setting - is that the correct one?  Under the "Play to" button on the mConnect, my only choice is my Macbook/Airplay.  When I click on the "UPnP devices" it seems to do a search but it doesn't find anything.  

@soix Thanks for the suggestion of a wifi extender.  I'll give it a shot this weekend.

Cheers, Scott



Put it back on option one the all in one option and then re-boot it.  Should find it then.  Doesn't seem to like the specialized setting. 

@jackd Thanks for all of your help here. Much appreciated! Have you tried aftermarket DC cables? 


I'm using the Canare upgraded cable from Ghent Audio.  They also have a higher priced cable called the Gotham.  Several of the ID cable companies like Audio Sensibility and Wywires will also make DC cables.