IFi Zen Stream with Qobuz

What is the best way to setup the ifi Zen Stream to work Qobuz? I would like to get 24/196 when available and also trying to find out if that’s possible with this setup. Most likely going to use a Denefrips Ares II in conjunction with the Zen Stream. 



I'm using the Canare upgraded cable from Ghent Audio.  They also have a higher priced cable called the Gotham.  Several of the ID cable companies like Audio Sensibility and Wywires will also make DC cables.

@jackd Thanks!  That worked.

Ok, next problem (sorry, I'm a digital newbie):  mConnect will only play one song. I have to hit play for every song, and I can find any setting that will allow it to just play through an album.  Is there a setting that will tell it to play the next song on a album automatically?  


Thanks, Scott



When you bring up an album to play you should see a forward button in the middle of the album cover.  To play the whole album hit that button and not the first song in the track list.  As to mConnect and the DLNA setting just another small bug I guess as some people have gotten it to work and some haven't.