IKEA's EXPEDIT Series might be discontinued

The IKEA EXPEDIT Series is often used to store LPs. Read the non-audiophile blog post here.
Shoot, I'd better think about buying some before it's too late. Seems like such a perfect product, I thought it would never go away.
The name is being changed as they are going to be produced by a different vendor.
Thanks for the info!

I read a lot of the info on the attached link that the OP has above. There will/is a replacement in the Kallax series.

Internet bloggers says it's not quite as thick at the sides, but there was a response from Ikea saying that these are just as strong and might be cheaper.

I have been thinking of switching over to the Expedit series for awhile now. I have a massive LP collection and have completely ran out of room.

Guess I need to decide soon...
Anyone who is looking for an affective/sturdy and rather inexpensive shelving solution for LPs should look at the Expedit. I just bought three units and loaded up the shelves. I'm really impressed. If you want to see, I've got a picture of them on my Virtual System.