Im new, I bet my ad looks like crap.

Im new to this website, im from the vintage audio, keyboards, high end guitar world.
I have a room full of keyboards from the 70’s to the 90’s and a new one costing $17K hand built in texas in 2016.
Im the geek with $3000 drum machines.

Ok so long story short my goal is to get my listing to look a little better.

1. Pull drivers out and OHM test?
2. Document all serial numbers and include 20 photos?

I have 3 offers for $10,000 and I dont really need the cash so I listed for a little higher with best offer.
And how can a guy purchase from me and feel really safe when I have 0 feedback.

I have a worker today at my house skilled enough to remove the speaker.
Although I hate doing it I feel if it makes my listing more legitimate then fine.

If I can get any feedback to make this better for me to use this website please fire away.

*Id keep the speakers but I have two English mastiffs that could damage them*
Plus I have some Ess Heils and JBL 4113 to get me by,.  JBL 4113 work great in my recording room.
Heils work awesome in the media TV room so im pretty set up.

I think your ad is basically fine and it's obviously drawing responses. Everyone starts out the zero feedback short of making a few purchases to build up your score that's just where you have to start. My recommendation, over deliver on the condition of the gear, packing, communications etc. Since you don't really  need the money why not take one of the $10K offers and be done with it?