Impression of Creek Evo 50 CD Player?

Anyone out there have this unit or test drive it yet? I just received mine and initial impressions are most positive. I wonder what others think.
Is there really no one else out there with the Creek Evo 50 CD player?

Anyway... it is quite nice. Fairly laid back, somewhat dark, rounded off a bit --- all which is great if, like me, many of your favorite CD's are recorded fairly poorly (non-audiophile recordings of great music). Hyper-analytical, revealing CD players (like the AVM player at 3x the cost) render modestly recorded CD's as almost unlistenable, whereas through the Creek they are fairly enjoyable (as the brightness is rounded off).

So, this CD player is not too revealing and quite nice. A great value at ca. $1400.
Happy New Year! Robsker-

I have not heard the Evo 50 cd player, yet. I did hear its matching integrated amp w/ a NAD 565BEE cd player (the dealer/retailer had sold the Evo cd player). And it was a very nice combination. Speakers were Thiel CS 2.4 (my reference) and Audioquest cables.

Even though the integrated was not enough power/current for the hungry Thiel speakers, the sound was so rich, incredible timbre. Maybe someday I wll get to demo both components. I have always wanted to demo a Creek cd player.
Happy Listening! -JA