Impressions of the FU25/1625 Tube in an Amp???

Just as the title asks, I am looking for peoples impressions of the use of the FU25/1625 power tubes for use in HiFi amplification.

From what I gather, these are essentually a 12 volt 6L6GC with 30 watts of dissipation and sound like the 300B. I'm considering the Musical Paradise MP-402 that uses four per channel to get 75 WPC.

I know it's "Chi-Fi" but some is well made with quality parts as would be used in a high-end brand from elsewhere.  Some of this stuff punches way above its weight class..., which in this case is about 64 pounds.  Hard to beat the price for the power if it sounds good.
I have a Golden Note SE40 that uses 3 6L6GC's per channel in parallel single end mode. So 21 watts per channel of Class A power. Does it sound like three 300B's in the same parallel SE configuration? No! Different output tubes have different "flavors"! As tube enthusiasts will testify to!
I found that amp on the Douk mall site. $1500 + $180 shipping. The FU25 is a 7 -pin transmitter tube with an anode cap on top! So no relation to the 6L6 family of beam tetrodes! I in fact have a Chinese SE amp using one FU29 transmitter tube per channel. I paid around $450 for it new - I can't remember what the shipping cost was. 
I say go for it! That way you can report here on its sonic character! My SE FU29 is still in its unopened box! I have three other SE amps on hand to play with - a 45, a 2A3 and a 6BG6 - in addition to the Golden Tube SE40.
The FU25 is the same as the US 807/VT136. It is a 60Mhz transmitter tube with a 600 volt anode. 25 watts. $10 each new from the Saratov factory in Russia.