Impressions of the JBL L100 Classics?

I am still kind of internet "window shopping" for speakers and because I have had, in the past, good experiences with Music Direct and I think that the 60 day audition period would be great for evaluating speakers, I was wondering if anyone had experience with the JBL "monitors" that they sell, particularly the L100 Classic?


I think that 4311 or any 43xx series JBL monitors are superior to L100.

Quite frankly I haven't expected them to be SO natural and neutral. 

I have the L100 Classics.  What is it you are looking for?  

Thanks for responding, @rpeluso  .

I guess, to begin with: what are your overall impressions/feelings about this speaker?

Does it seem to suit a certain genre of music?  Does it play better loud than soft or vice versa?  Air, detail, clarity?  Low end?  The picture that Music Direct has shows a knob on the front faces of the speakers under the speaker grille; what does that knob adjust?  I note that it is biwireable; do you biwire and if so is that a noticeable improvement?

Thanks again for responding, and as I think of more questions I will ask you.  Thanks again!



I have spent significant time with vintage L100 Century speakers and think they are one of the worst speakers I have ever heard. I certainly hope that the modern equivalents are better. My guess is that they are.

I bought open box demos from music direct. It I was a smooth process and they were like new. I have sadly never heard the L100. 

L100 was a studio standard, lots of oomph.

Classic 1970's sound, if you listen to 70's rock they will shine

Classic 1970's sound, if you listen to 70's rock they will shine

Thanks, @hiend2  , it's not to often I go that far back in the archives.  I am thinking that these, also, may not be what I am looking for.

Also interested in the NEW L100s, which, according to reviews, are JBL L100s in name (and look) only: The new design and guts put them in the audiophile discussion and they're not the '70s rock 'n' roll screamers they used to be. Again, based only on reviews and not audition. 

Check out Darko's review:


Thanks, @scottok  , I will check that out.  MD does sell them, and MD does have a 60 day audition period, but I'd like to have an idea that a speaker is going to do what I want it to first, as I don't want to be shipping speakers back to the seller just for the helluvit.

@immatthewj Where are you?  I am in PA, if you are near you can come over and have a listen.  I think these are a bargain for the price.  I play all sorts of music thru them and it all sounds good (no jazz though; lots of rock, classical,country, female solo artists, mellow, rocking, all sorts).  The two knobs on the front are to increase/decrease tweeter or midrange drivers.  They have full bass, great imaging, weight to what they project, just like real music.  I have them in a third system.  Other two use Vandersteen 5As and Perlisten S7t.  I get joy out of each; a lot.  I am not sure they are bi-wireable, and I don't do that with them.