Impulse speakers

Just out of curiosity is there anyone familiar with this brand of speakers?

I own a pair the model Aria SE and I am very happy with them. They are designed by Keith Marshall. I have never seen this brand mentioned on any forum outside the Netherlands where they are build.

The aria SE that I have is 2.5way system it has 2 6.5" vifa premium line mid/woofers and a vifa premium line ring tweeter.

So does ayone know them or heard them besides me on this forum?

I have no ties to to people who build my speakers I just like them a lot.
the impulse line is arguably the benchmark for all horn loaded designs. the ta'us and the lali and others wrote the book on what a horn loaded design could be. they don't get discussed alot because they came and went before all the wannabes came along to snag the needs of the flea-watt crowd. Marshall is still at it, but the impulse line was a bolt of lightning for sure.
I have no idea if it is the same company. Keith Marshall made transmission line speakers in the 80's/90's but the switched to regular front ported sytems. He now has 2 models the Spirit 2 and Spirit 3. I was thinking of maybe trading in my Aria SE for the Spirit 3. But I haven't heard them yet. And it depends a bit on if I get a nice trade in deal. I am a bit worried if you can have a nice bass responce with a 2 way system. The mid/bass is a Scanspeak 17cm Revelator met sliced paper conus with a Scanspeak Revelator Ring Radiator tweeter.

But if anyone has any ideas about them or heard the let me know.