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Jimmy Fallon has a Mcintosh turntable
I guess you have to be an American to know who any of these people are. 
tube vs SS my own little test
After some additional testing I can say the following:1) Octave V110+SSB sound better compared to my Symphonic Line La Musica, but not by a huge margin. But better none the less.2) Octave V110 without the SSB sounds equal but different compared to... 
tube vs SS my own little test
My SS amp is an A/B amp. High bias class A. My electricity bill goes up when I leave it on. 
tube vs SS my own little test
Let state for the record that I have nothing against tube amps.If I come across as anti-tube then my apologies. Some of the best audio I've heard used tube amps (Zanden, Octave, Jadis). But I've also heard very good SS (Symphonic Line, Pass, Bould... 
tube vs SS my own little test
Xti16What tubes did your V110 have?I have heard the Aavik U300 a few times. The shop that borrowed me the V110 also has the U300 (and Raidho and Ansuz). The U300 is a very special product albeit far beyond my financial means.Hopefully I'll have so... 
tube vs SS my own little test
The amp has not been used in some time. I am not sure if that is the problem.I spoke with some one that also have an Octave integrated amp. He told me it takes about 30 minutes for it to warm up completely.I do not agree that tubes flatten the 3D ... 
How important is the amp?
I borrowed a Octave V110 with super black box. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some time to install and listen. 
Best arm for Dr. Feickert Analogue Firebird Table
I agree with the Kuzma 4 point. I prefer the Kuzma, but the Ikeda is also great. 
Phono Interconnect
Best phono cable for the money is the Jelco JAC-501 
Does such a speaker exist?
I can think of one 1 speaker that will fit your bill. Depending on your room and electronics of course. But the Marten Design Django XL would be nice.The bass might be a bit too much though. 
SME turntables
I'm always a bit underwhelmed by SME arms. Never heard their turntables. But IMHO SME arms seem to suck out the live of the music. Over-dampened or something. For tonearms I prefer Reed, Kuzma, Ikeda and Dynavector. But a 12" Jelco arm can be a re... 
Amplifier for Tannoy Turnberry GR
Some time ago I heard Tannoy Prestige line speakers using Octave tube amps. The combo sounded very good. I like Octvae tube amps. Many tube amps sound overly warm or lush Octave doesn't while still giving that tube "magic". 
XP25 vs Reference Phono 2 SE
If you want to spend that kind of money IMHO it would be a shame if you only looked at those two great phono stages. There are many more you should look/listen at like.RCM THERIAAandVan Den Hul Grail (SB) 
VPI Avenger
I think the VPI Avenger is an old model. Years ago I would guess about 10 years. I saw a VPI pre production model that very much looked like the Prime. It was anounced as the replacement model for the HRX.However that was pre-crisis. Instead of in... 
What is your recommendation on upgrading a Linn LP
A standard Linn table is fine. The Linn upgrades are IMHO way to expensive. Better to safe you money and buy something else.