In re: MOG, and Anne Briggs

It's kinda crass to criticize something free, but I've grown weary of Pandora--sound quality's not very good and, in particular, the music library's very limited--unless you constantly tweak your stations, you get frequent repeats of songs. Ergo, I bit the bullet and paid the $4/month for MOG, which is quite amazing. Very good fidelity and a fantasticly broad collection--even with my obscuro tastes they have probably 80% of the albums I searched for, plus a ton of live stuff, rarities, etc.
Which (rather randomly) brings me to my current obsession, the 60s English folk singer Anne Briggs. She sings traditional (and traditional-sounding original) stuff, largely a capella, though she's also a good guitarist. Known (if at all) for writing the Led Zep song "Baby I'm Gonna Leave You" (conveniently stolen by Jimmy Page). Now a capella folk music may not be a genre you crave, but this stuff is incredible--haunting, funny, etc. Can't stop listening.
Enjoy your Sunday, y'all.
I've been with MOG since they first launced and LOVE it! I am right now listening to Steely Dan "Citizen Steely Dan" on MOG. Excellent sound quality and selection. I'll have to listen to some Anne Briggs.
Thanks for the tip, LJ. I'll give it a go. I'll pass on one vente, double decaf, soy mocha caramel macchiotto w a shot and I'll be ahead a buck two eighty. Stay cool everyone, esp our Colorado and DC area friends.
"Baby I'm gonna leave you" was written in the late 50's by Anne Bredon, an American from Berkeley Ca. Born 1930.

Unless there's another song "Baby, I'm Gonna.." vs "Babe, I'm Gonna...." this may be a new record for conflicting claims.

I'm pretty sure that the songwriting credit that I saw for the song was attributed to Anne Johansen. So I guess that there at least a half dozen people (Page, Briggs, Bretton, Johansen, et. al.) who wrote "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" separately and, more or less, simultaneously.

Google and/or wikipedia can help resolve Bredon/Johannson vs. Page:

Sorry - no idea how Briggs fits into any of that...
guys: i stand corrected on the "baby i'm gonna leave you" credit--per mr. hosehead et. al. it was anne bredon (who is the same person as anne johannsen, her married name). apparently she beefed after zeppellin recorded the song and the songwriting credit was subsequently changed to bredon/page/plant. none of which should dissuade you from listening to anne briggs, who haunts me still.
I just got an e-mail stating that MOG has been sold to Beats Electronics LLC. I sure hope they don't mess around with MOG. It's a great service.
Just wanted to chime in that I subscribed to MOG last week and have been really enjoying it. There is no question that the sound quality is significantly better than Pandora One, and the ability to choose to play whole albums and pick specific songs to play from their extremely large catalog is exceptional. Highly recommended!