Incredible Parasound customer service!

I was having an issue with my Parasound Zdac v2 today (Sunday) so I emailed the support area of their website. I received an answer from the president of Parasound Richard Schram within 2 hours! With all the stories of bad service in high end audio, I wanted to note one manufacturer who went way  above my reasonable expectation. It happens to also be a great Dac with a simple fix.
Yes, superb customer service. I bought a used Halo 5 channel amp a few years ago. I had a question about the 12 volt trigger feature and Mr. Schram answered the phone. I told him that I was the second owner and he never hesitated for a second to help me out. I still have this fine amp in my home theater system.
Yeah Parasound is first rate. Big fan here, since good equipment is not always backed by good service I appreciate companies like Parasound who understand customer service