Infigo AES/EBU Digital Cable

After a revelatory experience auditioning the Infigo USB cable, which was the best I have heard in my system after years of trying quite a few worthy contenders, I was able to land an audition of the Infigo AES/EBU digital cable.

Just for context, I am using the cable between a Lampizator Baltic 4 DAC and my Aurender N20. My previous cable was the Shunyata Sigma v2, which I used as the basis for my comparison.

First, these are both excellent cables, which of course is to be expected. The Shunyata has been my reference for about three years now, besting several other contenders. I just could not find anything better…until now. 

The Shunyata has a “big” sound. The louder the volume, the better it sounds. It excels at imaging and a clear, “clean” sound. It also has good bass and excellent detail retrieval. Relative to other cables, it has reasonably good depth as well, although there are times when it feels like this is more of a “sound effect” that does not quite feel natural, almost as if some frequencies are being emphasized and others "pulled back." This could well be particular to my system and it is certainly something that became more noticeable to me relative to hearing the Infigo.

In any case, it’s an excellent cable, and I understand why I and many others use it as a reference. I have greatly enjoyed it.

As for the Infigo, the thing that immediately jumps out at you is how natural, musical, and holographic the presentation is. It is truly mesmerizing, enveloping you in the music to a considerably greater extent than the Shunyata. Some might describe the sound as more "open" with the Infigo. Some might say it is more immersive. But I think these terms are all getting at the same qualities.

Also—and perhaps this is related—there is greater texture and tone with the Infigo. Horns/brass instruments sound real rather than bordering on shrill, the way they sometimes can with the Shunyata. Acoustic instruments are in the room, as are vocals. Imaging is as good as the Shunyata, and perhaps more natural. I would say the overall presentation is better balanced as well.

In short, the Infigo AES/EBU is an absolutely remarkable cable. I have found a new reference. 

I would definitely recommend putting Infigo on your audition list if you are in the market for a digital cable. 


Nice review and very interesting — wanting to read more and see the price I went to the Infigo website and don’t see a digital cable except for the USB cable.  What am I missing?

I can send you a price list. You might didn’t see that cable. I will get u price list in morn 

@soix same price as usb cable but it is a special order item. I could get you one