Infinity Irs Beta

I recently purchased a set of the Irs Betas. My system consists of a Krell Kct Preamp, Krell Kps28 CD player, Krell Fpb400 cx which I am powering the mid,high panels and using the cast interconnects between them and a Krell Ksa300 for the bass towers with the servo unit. Would tubes on the top end be a big improvement? Any folks here run tubes on their Betas and have you compared the two? It sounds wonderful as is.
I also had the LS 25mk2 (the best-not the Mk3). Wonderful. I think this would be fine.
The VT 100's would be enough power on the top and you can get good levels of volume,unless you are in a very large room and like to break plaster.....I had Infinity RS-1 A's and B's before I had the Betas.I drove my Betas with Audio research 100 watt mono blocks on top and either Krell or Threshold SS on bottom(I don't remember which,sorry).

A couple of things...First off the mid panels "are" the star of the show if driven correctly.The bass is fabulous,but sheesh,those mid panels are amazing.....I was a pal of the late(and wonderful guy) Bob Reina,who at the time took me over to Michael Gindi's home to hear his version of the Betas.Michael used to write for TAS and modified his Betas....I was not sure his mods were all that good,but he knew what he was doing for sure....he re-wired the panels and placed heavy planks on top of the woofer toweres,something I did not think necessary at the time....but...I "do" remember that he(and I believe the reviewers of the day)blocked off the uppermost portion of the tweeters.The highest one at the very top.I did as well,using simple tape.I just blocked the "upper half",which gindid did as well.If I remember correctly,this gave the speaker better balance....and...if in good shape,these speakers make a mockery of the mostly way overpriced speakers of today....they are fabulous!

Good luck

P.S. hello Rick! I remember our tome at Sid's.You were and still are a fine fellow...I've left the hobby to pursue playing and studying music.I only posted here because the Betas were sorely missed after a move out of N.Y. and they were wonderful speakers.
Mark, great hearing from you!! My e-mail is Perhaps (if you are still in the tri-state area) we can catch up again. Hope Sid is ok?

RWD (Rick

P.S. Correct about the tweeter and the tape (or a small plate). I did that to my tweeters.