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Stereophile review of the $30,000 tekton speakers
I have been an Audiophile for a long time and have owned a lot of different Brands over the years including Infinity Irs Betas. I have to say my Moab’s are my favorites. Not the prettiest to look at but who cares. I use an Ps Audio Bhk preamp with... 
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
My Jbl 4435’s. 225# each  
Sonic frontiers
I forgot to mention I am currently running a Bhk preamp with a Bhk 250 power amp  
Upgrading from Primaluna
Honestly I would keep your front end and go with some more efficient speakers. For years I dealt with power hungry speakers, Infinity IRS Betas, Gammas. Now I have 2 pairs of speakers I rotate into my system. Tekton Moab’s and Jbl 4435’s and could... 
Bluesound Node2 with outboard DAC
I use my node 2i with my Ps Audio direct stream Dac with great results   
Horn speakers , high efficiency but not “shouty”
Altec 19 
seeking ‘HORN’ ideas apart from Klipshc Lascalla
Altec 19. Awesome 2 ways.  
Krell Kct vs Audio Research Ref 2 or 3
Audio Research Vt-200  
Time to look at newer speakers?
Try a nice set of Klipschorns,  
AR-VT-200 vs Vtl MB-450
I called Vtl today and spoke with Bea. She was very pleasant to speak with and quite knowledgeable on their products. I was surprised that on the gen.1 even though there are xlr plugs it is not a balanced input. She asked what type of speakers I w... 
Tubes with Infinity IRS Betas
I often wonder if they are worth the hassle and what would I replace them with. I would like to pick up the Vtl 300’s and give them a try but I have concerns there as well. I know they are long in the tooth and worry about reliability issues. I sp... 
The Klipschorn
I recently purchased a beautiful 86' set of K horns. I was bitten by the curiosity bug as I have read so much good and not so good comments on these. Well I must say they are an amazing speaker. The sound is so dynamic and smooth. I am using a Kre... 
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
Like Ozzy62 said Klipschorns 
Best speaker/system piano concerts
Infinity Irs Betas 
Klipsch vs Infinity
I own both the Irs Gammas and Betas. Unfortunately my new home has a smaller listening area ( 17x 23) and that is too small of an area for the Betas. The Gammas seem ok. I listen to a lot of smooth jazz and classical a lot and at lower volumes so ...