Infinity Kappa 9 Polydome K Replacement 2

Does anyone know where I can get 2 Polydome K speakers replaced for my Infinity Kappa 9 Speakers.

They were damaged(Cracked) during a move.

Preamp Theta Casanova, amp Krell kav a/3

Thanks Cheez


Depending on where you live try Miller Sound labs. Bill Legall is the absolute best speaker man around and old Infinities are a specialty of his. Use this email address as a start
try ebay, I have purchased several Infinity replacement drivers there. Yours don't come up every day, but I have seen them in the past.

Good Luck
Thanks for your response.

I need the Diaphragms only for the Kappa 9 Polydome K.

I will e-mail Miller Sound.

Aloha CHEEZ (from HAWAII)