Infinity Kappa owners

I just wanted to share my experience preserving my Kappa 9 speakers.I have 2 pairs that l have owned since new for the last 32 years or so...l listen to them daily and lm still not board with system can be viewed on PS Audios customer systems. The polydomes finally went bad....l purchased new fabric dome units and it unfortunately sounded terrible. They were 6db. louder and sounded terrible. Next l purchased some professionally done silicone units that were quite good but l still wasn't happy..they had trouble at high volumes....that led me to Millersound. There new dome restoration is phenomenal...l could honestly say it's better than the originals. Quality, looks and sound are outstanding.....They will be getting  the woofers soon for new surrounds and dustcaps...There so good it's not worth my time doing it myself.....l hope this helps anyone who loves there Infinity classics....."when we play them we have Arnie Nudell in the room"
I lost a pair in a divorce also...let's go have a drink are plenty of sets on ebay for sale....l go to Axpona every year and l love all the new speakers but..those old Kappa's will still hold there own especially if you amp them right.......and your not out 30 your 30 grand for the amps you'll need it...

Would you let me know how you made out with reconditioning the woofers? I have a beautiful set and the woofers need to be refurbished, foam, dust caps and spiders. I would also like to refurbish or replace the polydomes, sounds like Millersound might be a good place to go.

Lastly, any chance you have a manual, I'd like to have one or even a PDF of one but I can't find one.