Infinity Quantum 3 speaker

Is the Infinity Quantum 3 speaker (circa 1976) the same as the Infinity QLS 3? I need driver specs and info to be able to replace some drivers on this speaker.
Which ones do you have? I've have never heard the Quantum 3's refered to as QLS 3's If you have the Quantum 3's you can get the driver spec's from the Infinity classic's web site:
Most of the drivers for the Quantum 3's are no longer in production but come up for auction from time to time. I believe the only driver you can still purchase is the watkins woofer.
Hi Wagtail,

QLS stands for Quantum Line Source. I believe that QLS 3 and Quantum 3 would refere to the same speaker system.


Barry Kohan
Thanks for your help. My delay is due to not understanding how to use the forums. My pair of Infinity Quantum 3's are for sale as I don't have time for the mod. Dave