Infinity Renaissance 90 or JBL 4425 ?

Infinity Renaissance 90 or JBL 4425 ?
I know those are two different beasts, the other with ribbon drivers and the other with horn drivers.
Just curious which most people like better.
Howdy. I see you're still kicking around the Ren 90 speakers. I own a pair run with Krell equipment. To tell you the truth, some other speaker better really be something special to make me want to switch. They are really good speakers. I have thought about perhaps listening to the Egglestons Andra II just for the heck of it for comparison. But since there is no dealer in Calif (according to the factory) I havn't had a chance and may never be able to. But I tell you what, I could buy a dozen sets of Ren 90's for a new pair of (maybe) better speakers. Plus they take up a very small footprint & the Mrs. loves them as much as I do. From the super highs to the lowest lows they are very clean sounding. You hear what is pumped into them. I have never heard the JBL's.
Good luck with your search.
I am also happy with my Renaissance 90, I get an incredible holografic soundstage (the ribbons). But be aware that you need a lot of juice to make them play properly. My choice was Jeff Rowlands monos 501 & PC-1 (500W on 8 ohms / 1000 W on 4 ohms).
Good luck
thx for your answers so far, but I'd like to hear answers from people who really did compare those two different speakers