Initiation Rites

Many of us here at the 'Gon' are familiar with rites of passage we must go through in school whether it's joining a fraternity, sorority, football team or college social club. I know nothing about 'audio clubs' but what do you envision would be the most outrageous task you would would assign as a big brother or big sister. Ex. Drop a pledgee in Camden NJ with the task of finding (putting together) the highest end stereo obtainable in Camden in 5 hours...and it better sound good! or forcing the pledgee to listen to a Lloyds compact, with built in 8 track, for a month. I was going to say something about Barry Manilow or Richard Harris but I can listen to almost anything.
This post is for entertainment purposes only.
If they worked on commission, the BOSE kiosk might prove to be rather lucrative! ;-)

Better than working at the GAP!
I think the rite of passage should involve experimenting with interconnect cables and power cords until either a) you actually hear a difference, or b) you go broke trying.
Hell yeah. The catch is i dont start on the tat untill i have killed off the beer.

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