Injecting one sub to Benchmark system…

Noob here and just hooked up my new Benchmark AHB2 and DAC3 HGC with pair of Totem1 bookshelf speakers.

I have a Velodyne SPL-R series subwoofer and would like to connect this. I’m seeing a lot of varied advice on the web on how to do this and thought I would come here for better advice.

Not even sure if the sub would connect to the preamp or the amp….any suggestions?



thomas, SPL 10 RCH doesn’t seem to bring up any information. Though I did find this which may help.

Below is a link to an earlier SPL User’s Manual

The Sub on the cover lacks the Front Panel Features. Notice on page 2 the MIC INPUT (7) is on the back panel. On page 6 the earlier Remote Control is pictured. If these differences match your SPL you may simply need to replace the Remote Control’s battery and purchase a calibrated mic to perform the EQ feature.

Lacking in all Velodyne User’s Manuals until their Plus series is the need to preform the Crawl Test to locate your rooms loudest bass mode where the sub should be located. This is critical for single sub use.

Velodyne’s onboard EQ is easier to use, far more detailed and includes the four EQ Presets compared to the suggested MiniDSP and DeSpeaker.

FYI, Velodyne Acoustics is now located in Hamburg, Germany.

I was in this situation in about 2006 with a dac1 and a sub.  The new models may be different but I thought back then that I really lost something by having the DAC output going to both an amplifier and a sub.  I'd at least experiment with getting an adapter and running the sub from the headphone out.  I eventually got a regular preamp and I thought that was a substantial improvement in definition through most of the frequency spectrum.  I'd also experiment going power amp to sub because that definitely won't take away from the low level signal that is easy to mess up.  

I think the time has arrived for people to experiment with cheap performance oriented electronics.  I've recently bought a couple of <$150 Schiit products and they're great.  At work I have a Fiio x7 to Schiit Magni+ powering DCA Aeon Noires and it's great.  Nothing about that setup bothers me and I'm pretty easily bothered.  If a preamp died on me I would not hesitate to try a $599 Freya S.  

Hi Jon…that’s a new one for me - running from headphone out!

im still in the very early stages and want to work with what I have right now.

I have been reading a lot of good things regarding these Schiit products. Funny, the DAC 3 has a great reputation but when I plugged my headphones in i was surprised that I much prefer my Ifi Gryphon portable amp/DAC. I think the Benchmark might sound a bit too clinical for me but I’ve yet to try this with a pair of HD800s headphones I have coming. So far I’m much preferring what I hear from my headphones and Gryphon over the Benchmark audio set-up. Still, I have work to do dialing this system in.

@thomastrouble I also didn’t like the headphone amp sound of DAC 3 HGC. It was too clinical for me as well. 
As far as sub connection, what @m-db said. 

Benchmark runs both XLR and RCA outputs at the same time. You can use one of those to the subs and the other to your amp. You can also go in and adjust the voltage of the XLR with the pads to match the RCA voltage if you need to use an XLR to RCA adapter. It is clear in the manual how to adjust them