Inner tracks vs outer tracks

Given the differences in diameter, should there be differences in sound between the outside tracks and the inside tracks of an LP? 

The question was and is: are the differences between outside and inside tracks on a LP?
the answer is yes. Some like millercarbon do not see this as a problem, they are happy with this situation. Others like me have solved the issue by using the UNI-DIN curve which provides a better sound also for the outside tracks - and by using a good system you will hear it!
Some may stick to Mono related curves and do not regard it as an issue. Fine!

A simple examination of any record will demonstrate that the geometry of the grooves changes continuously from outer to inner grooves as the diameter of the record decreases. It’s the best they could do when conceived over 100 years ago. Yes the technology is that old! Amazing it is still around and somewhat popular.
 It’s the best they could do when conceived over 100 years ago.
Actually not true, it just happened to beat out the cylinders.
Bit like the betamax vs VHS where the best tech was not truly the winner there either.......

Not that I am saying the cylinder was better than the LP in this instance but  there was another option.