InnerSound s New Sub Woofer

I have been in “speaker design school” with Roger Sanders (author of The Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design Cookbook and designer of EROS and ISIS ESL’s) of Innersound recently and he let me know that he is working on a new sub woofer:
Here is quote from his email
“We are also working on a huge sub-woofer. It will use a woofer that is 24" in diameter! It will be in a transmission line enclosure and come with a 1,000 watt amplifier and have a motional feedback system. It will be the size of a refrigerator (27" wide, 28" deep, 60" tall). “

Holy Cow!!! Talk about makin’ the earth move! He hopes to have something by CES in January.

It was a secret too good to keep .....
Angela, I heard the same thing from Roger and it sounds awesome. However, it may be impractical for many who simply lack the space -- but for those with large enough listening rooms it may be great. I look forward to auditioning one when they're available. :)
As you know, Angela and Plato, stereo subs would be even better! Can you imagine the pressure these monsters could generate? I recall a story where a small stereo shop, years ago, demonstrating TDL transmission line speakers with very deep bass response managed to blow out the display window in the front of the store on some audiophile super bass demo disc. I guess we should be careful what we wish for.
we already have one of these built into our kitchen. it's called a subzero. -kelly