Innuos 2.3.0 update - USB latency mode change

Just a short note to warn anyone updating to Innuos 2.3.0 firmware.

It appears the USB Latency Mode is changed from LOW to NORMAL.  Low is preferred, unless it causes dropouts.

I don't recall this happening with previous updates.


Thanks for the heads up!

The sound quality seems very good with the update. I need more time, but initial impression is very good sonics. I will try both settings and use low if it sounds better.

Hey Lollipop, will you please refresh my memory about the location of that Mode toggle switch?  I assume in System section, but I can't seem to find it.

Thank you!!

Hi @jimintally 

The route is:

System => Settings => Audio => (the cog icon for the target DAC) => USB Latency Mode is half way down

Got it, thank you, Lollypop !!!

I'll try toggling between "Low" and "Normal" this evening....not sure I remember hearing much diff, but I'll have another listen.

Did the update last night, but I've not had a chance to listen to 2.3.0; GrannyRing seems to think the SQ has improved.... hope that is the case!

Thank you again!

You might want to hold off. After 2 months with a Pulse - excellent and glitch free, the2.3.0 has introduced a few issues. Very slow to load. Cannot find player and has crashed a few times. The Radio Paradise icon on my home page has had rp playing almost instantly. Now it produces an orange box that says random play. Only by going to the radio select page can you start rp. It plays, but the pause skip buttons do not function at all. Qobuz seems ok Roll on 2.3.1 please, Innuos. 


It's odd you raise the issue of connectivity because before the 2.3.0 my one main bugbear with the Android Sense app was that it frequently had to relocate the server.   Often this would take a minute or so.

And now, with 2.3.0, this issue seems far less apparent.

Had a response from Innuos. The RP is now logged as a known issue. They are hoping to issue a fix soon. I have the IOS apps. The connectivity back to normal today after hard reset of the app/iPad 

Nice work @nomorelandings 

What do you think of the sound quality? About the same or any changes? 

I have been struck down with a respiratory virus so cannot trust my ears at the moment. My DAC seems happy with low latency, so will get back with an answer when hopefully recovered. They have thrown the towel at in here in the UK, no testing, just jab jab jab. $$$. 

No issues here with 2.3 on my Zenith MK3.  

I could not hear any diff between HI and LOW latency, but was only a quick listen.

I just subscribed to Qobuz and so mostly listening to new, unfamiliar to me, music, not a good way to compare SQ.  I'll go back for a listen with songs I am very familiar with.