Innuos Zen mk3 NG and Zenith mk3 NG introduced at Munich

Two new products introduced at Munich by Innuos, Zen MK 3 NG $12,000 and Zenith MK 3 NG $19,000. Substantial price increases from the original MK 3’s. Website lists all the upgraded hardware, lots of next level changes. Look forward to hearing how they sound. Dang just got my Zen Mk 3.


Significant price increase! I also wonder what will happen to the Pulse series since they are talking using the NG as server or streamer.

Wow. The Innuos Zenith MKiii went up 300%? I’m sure they’ve made some important upgrades, but I wonder how much better it is…? 

Wow I expected that Innuos was working on a refresh on their Zen / Zenith / Statement line but never expected this pricing. Expecting the new Statement replacement to go way up too. Speculating they will keep the Statement power supply and upgrade the server portion.

From a product positioning perspective I do wonder if they have another new lineup coming to address the lower end. Either that or maybe they just keep the current gen going?

Things I wonder: will the Zenith NG still need the PhoenixUSB to be its best? And, how will it compare with the current Statement (non “NG”)?

If history is an indication then these new products won’t actually be shipping to consumers for at least a year…

I have researched this and have placed an order for the Zenith NG.  I was told by the sales team that the unit will come with the option of standard USB and USB relocked lite as swappable modules.  They also said the stand alone Phoenix USB which I own will be the superior usb option.

@skinzy Which Innuos streamer are you using now? How have you enjoyed the Phoenix USB? I’m looking to add the Phoenix to my Zen mk3, but wondering how much improvement I will experience. I also have an excellent clock in my Denafrips Terminator 2, so again wondering what the benefits will be by adding the Phoenix. Appreciate any insights you can offer. Thanks.

I am using the Zenith mk3 with their phoenix.  I think it depends on your DAC quality.  With the excellent DT 2 I think differences would be subtle.  I’m also very curious how much improvement the zenith ng will sound over my current gear.  I will post once it arrives.

With the Terminator (or T+) or any other DAC with I2S input it would seem that that I2S module out of the new Innuos models would be preferred.  What is confusing to me and what’s unclear in their announcement of the NG products is whether the models with I2S will also be equipped with Phoenix Lite or the Lite will only be compatible with the USB module.  Anyone know?

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