integrated amp advice needed

i have about $1000 dollars to spend on a front end for my alon 1's. i assume an integrated is the way to go on this. i prefer the sound of tubes, and they generally do better with these speakes as they can be bright with solid state. i know there are a few choices out there, jolida, antique sound lab , anyone have good or bad experiences with these ? especially concerning quality and reliabilty, thanks
The only one I have heard at that price point is the AMC CVT-3050 which list for $1000. I've it for $700 at places like Northampton Audio. Decent for $700, at $1000 the others are better. But if you keep it for a number of years and need new tubes it is a pain. They come soldered to a board that plugs into the unit, so you either have to buy replacements from a dealer, the manufacturer or bring it to a tech.
Take a look at the passion i11 at or call Walter at it wiped the floor with the audio refinement and is just plain wonderful. Chel
Another French company that makes tube integrated is Kora. I invested some time in searching for basicaly same as you. If you visit their website (also you can check on some used and new kora amps on audiogon)you'll see reviews that are very impressive. Good Luck