Integrated amp and CD player for the new B&W 805S?

I have the new B&W 805S. I'd like to get Integrated amp(or separate amps) which sounds(or sound) good, can drive them successfully and is(or are) matched well with them. I'd like to get CD player which sounds good and is matched well with the new B&W 805S and the integrated amp(or the separate amps), too.

My mostly listening music is symphony, orchestral, concerto and opera. My budget for integrated amp(or separate amps) and CD player is under $5K. Both solid-state amp and tube amp are welcome. Both new and used are welcome.

i would suggest a creek,cambridge, or cyrus combo. the b&w 805's are great
i have had a primaluna dialogue 2 (new model)$2500 and just got a northstar saphire $2500 killer combo. b&w are very reveiling so i like the tube int and solid state combo
Heard them with Mcintosh and I was so impressed I tried to figure how to afford the change over.

Many, many people think Classe/ B&W combo is perfect.

It makes sense to me seeing how the Mac/B&W combo sounded to me. Both amp manufactures have similar sonic signatures to me.

I'd look into either.