Integrated amp for Focal Aria 948 speakers? SS or tube

Looking for integrated amp suggestions to pair with my new Focal 948s Integrated tube preferred,  but will consider SS...Budget $2K-4K
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I have a pair of 1008Be's that were powered by a Cary SLI-80 and then a Pass INT30.  The Cary was fun rolling tubes in and out. The Pass was a better amp much more dynamic. I liked the Pass so much that I moved up their line to a pair of xa100.5's and an xp20.

For about 4400.00 you can get a new Prima Luna High Power integrated that blows away almost everything else out of the water.
I've got the PM Dialogue premium, used for 2k.
It's wonderful with the Focal 1008be2's
I had a Cronus Magnum but there is more air and I think a deeper soundstage. Besides you can switch from ul to triode from the comfort of your chair. Need a phono pre of course, but you can get a killer phono pre with the extra money.
good luck
I think the PL is to my it's HP version vs basic DiaLogue Premium...about $1100 difference.
@larseand are there any PM dealers in your area? Maybe you could ask them for a demo. As someone mentioned in another thread, your minimum ohm is 2.5 and might need the extra umph of the HP. 
There’s only one way to tell.
I find in my 12X16x9’ room I can’t get past 12’oclock on the volume control, unless it’s a really low volume cd. 
Where are you located?
good luck 
@larseand What amp did you end up with?

I recently got the 948s and initially setup with my Peachtree Nova 150. The sound was lacking something. Long story short, the sound was enhanced when I upgraded to the Nova 300. It not only provided a boost of power but it also improved the nuance of the soundstage.
So Belles Aria Pre and mono amps 112 watts per channel how would 948 do with my combo

Same set-up 3xBelles w/ PMC Twenty/24 speakers listed at 90 dB sensitivity: I can't turn the preamp much beyond 9 o'clock because it would be too loud, though I suspect the preamp might work optimally if the volume were closer to noon.

Focal 948's are listed as 92.5 dB.  You do the math...