Integrated amp match for Zu Soul Superfly

   I am currently driving my Zu Soul Superfly's with a Primaluna Prologue 3 preamp and Prologuew 4 amp. I'm looking to move into a solid state integrated for better WAF. My primary source is my TT and my TV combines everything else- I can use either the TV's analog or digital output (prefer digital. Something from Peachtree would be ideal except I consider their single tube thrown in as more of a gimmick than anything else.

Any suggestions? 

Solid state can be tricky with the Superflys.  I use a vintage Sansui AU-666 with my Superflys and I love it, so I'd consider a vintage Sansui or Marantz.  Vintage will also get you the WAF.
Good idea on the vintage. I wonder if a Croft would work well for Zu. It’s a very neutral sounding amp. 
I should add that if I'm moving to SS, I might as well get some more technology - like DAC and remote.
DAC, Phono and Remote would be ideal.
You might consider you speakers first. Are you committed to them? They are great speakers but tend to match with a particular type of amp - usually a set or vintage I think.  If you want something with a remote, Dac and phono perhaps there are some modern Japanese models that would work but I would check with zu before buying. Good luck. 

Find a couple of nice black boxes that you can fit your amp and preamp in them. Have one or two cut outs in the back for installing low noise electronic fans and you're done. You could print Pass Labs or a similar popular brand name on the front to make them look real.

If you like your current sound, you should consider a tube integrated before jumping to SS.

Hope the humor was obvious.

They run Peachtree integrateds at the shows.   The two match well together.  
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