Integrated Amp pairing with Paradigm Founders Series 80F

Would anyone be willing to weigh in on an amp choice for these speakers? This would be for a room 16' x 30' active. Will need some treatment. Want to play vinyl, cds and stream with a Bluesound Node. Speakers are said to be very efficient. Have considered: Rega Elex-R, Rotel RA 1572 MKII and Yamaha A-S801. Thinking I might want to go analog and not spend money on built-in DAC. Want to hear vinyl analog. Do I need a toroidal transformer? A or A/B? Listen to Classic Rock, Jazz, some classical. Thanks for any input.


Parasound Hint integrated. 160wpc powerhouse. Many features and around 3 grand give or take 

I agree with @stereo5 , I've found good synergy between the Parasound HINT and Paradigm speakers. I've found the Bryston integrated is also a good match with Paradigm, it has a bit more detail/speed compared to the Parasound, but at over twice the price.