Paradigm founders 120h

Anyone own these? Im looking for opinions on the subs that are built in to these speakers. I currently own the 100Fs and love them, but....they need the help of a sub. I have a rel ht1205 but ultimately want to use it for cinema only because i think that the rel s series would pair better with my speakers. Dilema is space. My room set up does not give me many options at all as far as sub placement. So im thinkin that if the built in founders subs are good, that solves my lack of space issue. I would remote the ht1205 to the back of the room and not buy the rel s series. Right now i could trade up my 100fs for a credit equal to what i paid and the 120Hs are discounted so basically for 2k i get 2 built in subs as opposed to the 3+k that the rel would cost.




Listened to the 120s in a showroom, I can say the built in subs are seamless and produced excellent low end presence and control. I still say the founder series is one of the best choices going right now in our hobby.  

Love mine.  The bass is easily the best I have ever had in speakers, including some that were double the price.  The built in amps, and just as important, the built in ARC  is just awesome.  If you like the 100's, I wouldn't hesitate to get the 120H.