Integrated Amplifier for the PSB Synchrony One B (bookshelf)

Besides the NAD which Integrated Amplifier would sound good (better, more open and detailed) with the PSB Synchrony One B bookshelf speakers.
Also, which stands height I should go with since the mid/bass is on the top.
I have Sound Anchor stands (25") and in my sitting position my ears are in the level with the mid/bass cones
so 26" or 27" would make sense but I am just concern about the bass quality if I place the speakers higher.
Thank you in advance on your opinions.
Belles Aria is a fantastic integrated . Better than you might think is Yamaha
801, not much more money than NAD , sounds better and is FAR more reliable .
parasound halo integrated.  just the right amount of smoothness to match with the PSB's occasionally bright nature.  
follow PSB's recommendation for speaker positioning and stand height.  
Since you mentioned Belles Aria.
It is very strange from the manufacturer to not to publish specifications, only the power.
Specs are like statistics , you can make they say what you want them to say .

David Belles is as respected as anyone in audio business , his amps are excellent and have always been . One of top designers alive and dead honest .
Many of the older designers don’t, Frank Van Alstine for starters.

There are many great integrated amplifiers. 

However, the poster never mentioned:

1: Price range?

2: is he open to tubes?

3: Does he want an integrated amp with a built in dac or streamer?

As per NAD the new NAD integrated amps are way different in sound and features then their older models.

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I am with audiotroy. Another question, does he now use an NAD, what model?
You are right, I forgot to mention the budged.
1. Up to $4.000.00
2. No tubes
3. No DAC
For now I am using NAD C375BEE
We have sold the PSB T series with many good integrated amplifiers.

I know you didn't want a dac but the Nad NAD M32 is awesome sounding and works great with the PSB.
just an audiophile w no real knowledge thinking that the krell vanguard is playing in a different league. check out some reviews such as hifi+ or go listen. it's extremely well built and definitely has the high end resolution of fine detail that we all seek. weighs 40 lbs and doubles output into 4ohms. lots of juice. Ibias system designed to keep you in class a at all times. whisper quiet fan to control the heat. i don't own one but have experience w the Krell Chorus 5 ch amp using same technology and it was a great unit all around. FWIW
Not sure if this is the right place, but since it's been discussed, any comments on the sound quality of the NAD M32 and the BluOS "add on" and app. Also comments on a comparison between the NAD M32 and the Moon ACE would be appreciated. Expect to use either with the Focal Aria 936 speakers. Thanks so much.